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Panels & Murals

Silhouette Shingles Custom Panels and Murals ~ Panels can attached to any exterior wall, or integrated into a cedar shingle siding project. They can also be hung on any interior wall as art. Panels can be any shape: rectangular, triangular, oval or round. If the panel will be shipped outside of Alaska, size is limited to about 36″. We offer custom, unique and artistic cedar shingle patterns and panels, workshops on creating silhouette shingle art and an unlimited variety of cedar shingle siding designs.

This 3′ x 5′ panel was created using a family portrait.¬† Mounted in the space where a window would be, it gives the impression of the family looking out of a window at people as they arrive to this home.

Our Panel Photo Gallery has more photos of this unusual panel, including a larger photo of the house.

This Silhouette Shingle eagle panel for the gable end of this home was custom built and installed on site. In this case, the rest of the exterior of this building is stucco, a perfect example of the flexibility of silhouette shingle panels for personalizing and enhancing any house or business.

Our Panel Photo Gallery has more photos of this panel.

This 36″ panel depicts a pond with ducks swimming and flying, accented with marsh plants.

It was shipped to Massachusetts and installed there by the purchaser’s carpenter. This unique mounting is an example of the variety of choices available to you.

Our Panel Photo Gallery has more photos of this panel.

This home is on the Apponogansett River, in the village of Padanaram (pay-da-nar-um) in South Dartmouth, Mass.

Alaskans love their drive-up coffee huts! This unusual hut can be seen on the west side of the Richardson Highway in Wasilla Alaska. Long panels of salmon line the sides of this hut, with more salmon incorporated in each end of the building.

Our Panel Photo Gallery has more photos of this building.